After a rather tricky purchase and sale of our properties, I have to say that Fiteni Baltic did an amazing job for us. Paula worked extremely hard to figure out all of the details and get the job done! I would highly recommend buying or selling with this great crew! -Lori Pim

*Rated 5/5 Stars – A truly amazing experience working with Tamara and the other women at Fiteni Baltic Realty! From the sale of our current home to the purchase of our new one, we were so impressed. The level of communication was awesome – if we had a question, one of them would answer. It was a group effort and we felt like they really put us as a priority. We sold our home quickly because Tamara knew what it was worth in the current market and we priced it right. And then the hard part – it was time to find a new home. But she was on it! It was very competitive so when we found our dream home, she gave advice and we listened. We did everything she told us to do to put our best foot forward, and with 3 offers on the table, ours was accepted! We trusted her experience and knowledge and she didn’t let us down. Truly, such a stressful process was actually ENJOYABLE! We would work with Tamara and her team again in a heartbeat… but might not need to since we found our dream home! – Logan Geddes

*Rated 5/5 Stars – When our much-beloved rental apartment was listed for sale by our landlords last year, my partner and I set out to purchase our first home. Prior to this, I had had NO idea why anyone would enlist the help of a real estate agent to buy! After all, the tools are all there on the internet for people to find what they’re looking for, right? Wrong. The process was extremely frustrating, and it was obvious some selling agents we spoke to were trying to strongarm us into buying shoddy condos.

The moment we met Michaela, that all changed. Our search was a long one, on account of our small area of interest and exacting specifications, but she tirelessly worked to make sure we were happy. We were given customized property lists for many offerings not yet on the public websites, she arranged countless viewings and escorted us personally to every one. At the very moment I began to tire of looking, she gave us an amazing surprise: A unit in the building where we were already renting, on the exact same floor! It met every one of our needs, and had been listed not 24 hours before, which meant that we were able to put an offer down before it was advertised publicly. Michaela was our ally and advocate throughout the process, and she always went well beyond the extra mile. She is a warm, lovely person and a consummate professional, and I would recommend her services to absolutely anyone, but *especially* to first time buyers and sellers. – Katie

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Working with Ashley was one of the greatest experiences I had working with a real estate professional. She was thoughtful, caring, personable, professional, always available to help answer questions and view potential homes, and above all had our best interests in mind at all times when weighing out all the pros and cons of this adventure and never allowed me to feel defeated or overwhelmed. I never felt pressured to do something I wasn’t comfortable with and I always felt important and valued. I would HIGHLY recommend Ashley Chalmers, and have done so already!!!- Claire Moore

*Rated 5/5 Stars –  Fiteni Baltic are a great group to work with! We were nervous buying a home in an area we were unfamiliar with, and Tamara made sure we truly felt cared for and protected our interests throughout the process. SUPER responsive team, that provided lots of guidance and support, above and beyond service, and made sure we had all the information we needed to make timely decisions. And now we own our dream lakefront home! Would definitely recommend!– Karen Hoff

*Rated 5/5 Stars –  These ladies are unfailingly professional, knowledgeable and invaluable. They go above and beyond.– Dawn Tuininga

*Rated 5/5 Stars –  Paula was recommended to us by friends and we were beyond pleased with the results. Not only were we impressed by her knowledge and commitment, she took a personal interest in our situation and made us feel extremely comfortable and confident with the decisions that were made. She is trustworthy and full of integrity. We highly recommend Paula and her team to anyone looking to buy or sell.– David Brocklehurst

*Rated 5/5 Stars –  I referred Ashley a client from Kamloops to Langley. She worked very hard to find them a very specific property. She later represented them in the sale of one of their rental properties. I would recommend Ashley and the entire team anytime. – Dylan McGuire

*Rated 5/5 Stars –  My wife and I first became aware of the Fiteni Baltic real estate group when our son engaged their services to sell his condominium unit and to source a townhouse unit. The condo sold quickly at the price he required and they found a townhouse unit that fit the price he budgeted for with all his requirements. We were impressed with the professional handling of both the sale and the procurement. They knew the market, acted professionally, listen to their client, and looked after his interest. Ashley went over the top to look after our son’s interest and get him exactly what he wanted.

As we are close to our retirement, we had been giving thought to selling our house and downsizing. Because we were so impressed with how the Fiteni Baltic team handled our son’s real estate needs we asked them to meet with us to discuss the possibility of listing. They came to the meeting with a full market research of our area and presented a sound business case of the listing price and recommended acceptance. We took time to think about it. There was no pressure. When we decided to list, we met with the team again and they advised that while the house is listed that we should have a new home selected before we made any commitments. Paula & Tamara did an outstanding job of showcasing our house and targeting/selecting the right buyers while Ashley patiently worked with my wife and I to find exactly what we were seeking. Paula, Tamara, and Ashley negotiated both the buyer and the seller as to keep to our bottom line. They did an awesome job! They were on our side all the way and helped us make decisions that were the best for us. We would happily recommend the Fiteni Baltic team to anyone that would ask. They are a definite 5 star!! – Randy Perazzo

 *Rated 5/5 Stars  – As a first time home buyer the purchase of our first condo was quite the learning process.. luckily Ashley was there for us every step of the way. She was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and personable! We were referred to Fiteni Baltic by someone we know and are very pleased we went with them! We didn’t leave with just a condo and some knowledge, but a friendship as well. All of the women of this company are amazing to deal with and truly want what’s best for their clients. Highly recommend them to anyone, we’ll definitely be using them again in the future! – Shelbi Watton

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Paula Fiteni and her team were not only professional and educated in the real estate market but they were extremely supportive of my needs and concerns. They actively listened and offered an experienced opinion which helped me find the condo I was hoping for. Their kind hearts and care for their clients was over whelming. Paula Fiteni whom I worked specifically with took the time to clearly explain all the details when purchasing my first home. I can’t thank her enough for her effort, time, kindness, and support. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate all that you have done for me and my family. – Renee Gregerson

*Rated 5/5 Stars – They rose to the challenge of our short deadline. Professional, knowledgeable, and on the ball; these ladies know what they’re doing! Can’t say enough good things about them! – Stacey Romano

*Rated 5/5 Stars – The Fiteni Baltic ladies sold our home at record pricing and in only a few short days. They were fantastic to work with and the whole team is incredible – above and beyond is an understatement when describing the level of service they provided! They know their markets, they are fantastic at handling the details and are awesome negotiators. They took what can be a daunting process and made it feel like a walk in the park! I can’t say enough good things about them and would recommend Fiteni Baltic to all my friends and family! – David Fiteni

*Rated 5/5 Stars – The women of Fiteni Baltic are an incredible team! They sold our home for us and from beginning to end handled every detail of the process flawlessly—- and given how quickly they sold our home it is even more impressive. They are highly knowledgeable about the market, sales strategies and negotiating tactics. These ladies are impeccably organized, we were never asking what was next as they answered most of our questions before we could even ask! Lastly, the icing on the cake, is the gorgeous aesthetic they bring to their marketing – a clear reflection of the grace and elegance that each of them bring to their team.
I would highly recommend the team at Fiteni Baltic as the team to represent your best interests and would use their services again in a heartbeat!
Thanks ladies!  – Joelle Desforges

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Wow. Where to start. Tamara and her team made this whole real estate process real simple and to the point. Very efficient and, as they say, “Success Through Caring” really shows in their work. They will go to every length to make sure that you are 100% satisfied. Highly recommended!! – Bradley W.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – I called Ashley on one of her listings, she advised that they has an AO, but quickly asked a few questions and put me on auto listing matching my criteria.  From that day she has been so professional, efficient and showed us quite a few homes.  She did not push anything onto us just for a sale.  Her main focus was finding the right home for us.  It was because of Ashley’s diligence that we finally found our perfect home in a beautiful neighbourhood in Langley.  I cannot say enough good things about Ashley and would recommend her in a heartbeat.  She is truly an amazing a realtor!  Thank you Ashley!!! – Lally G.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – We can’t thank the girls, especially Tamara, for all they did for us over this past month and a bit! First with selling our place, and then being with us through the (bit of frustrating) process of buying a new home! You know how they say that realtors are there for you whenever you need them? This is definitely true for Tamara. Any question or concern I had during this whole process, she answered timely and with confidence! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We can’t wait to start our new adventure in our awesome new home! – Tricia C.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – I had been talking about moving and talked to Ashley who lives in my complex about it and after I went on holidays Ashley and Paula came and talked to me I was very specific about what I need and wanted .As I dont drive Ashley took me around to look at places and within in 4 days found just what I asked for amazing work. Then my house went up for sale and within a week it was sold for over asking again amazing. They work for you and only you and get it done. Love these girls.I would recommend these girls to anyone. Thanks Team Fiteni Baltic – Wendy G.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – I started looking for a condo about a month ago and Ashley Chalmers stayed in contact with me everyday. Whenever I sent her questions or listings she was always quick to respond. Ashley was very professional throughout the process. When it came down to getting me my dream condo she was successful. Fiteni Baltic Real Estate are the realtors to go with! – Chelsea I.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – We were referred by a friend to Paula Fiteni as we were having issues securing a solid deal on a home that was off market with our old agent, within 2 days of talking with Paula and expressing our desire and urgency we had a solid deal. 3 weeks from beginning to end. Thanks so much to Paula and her team at FiteniBaltic real estate!  – Cong N.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – These ladies are amazing! I recommended Paula to my grandmother who was selling her home and from day one Paula and the team to excellent care of her. It’s in the little touches, like installing new blinds for her, or the time Paula brought her flowers and especially the card she so thoughtfully sent her last week to wish her a happy birthday. My grandma is 87 years old and Paula treated her, not like she was just a client, but like she was family. My grandmother said she would recommend these ladies any where, anytime, and her recommendations do not come easily! From our entire family, we appreciate you and thank you all so much.- Zoe U.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Great job Paula! Very professional and knowledgable. She sold our place for much more than we thought and didn’t go for the quick sale. Very impressed with these ladies and makes our last realtor look bad. – Tamara O.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Paula Fiteni is my real estate hero. I was recommended to her by my mortgage broker and she did not disappoint. She is like a pit bull and she will not stop until your house is sold for top dollar. She uses all the latest tactics in order to ensure a quick but quality sale. Facebook adds, stagers, professional photographers and excellent high quality mail out flyers are all part of the deal when you work with Paula and Tamara. They do it right and I would never use anyone else. Thank you Paula!– Brandon P.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – These ladies went above and beyond for us I will be recommending them to anyone who needs a real estate agent. I love that they took care of everything we sold and bought a new home all in one month and we really didn’t have to do anything which was fantastic and relieving. Thank you ladies so much you are truly amazing.– Jenni B.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – We were delighted when our home sold quickly and for more than we were expecting! Paula and Tamara were very professional; quick to get things done, always punctual, and very personable. They got so many people to come through the open house. We never expected that selling our home would be such an easy, enjoyable experience! As a bonus, they peppered us with gifts after the sale!– Rebecca H.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Amazing ! That’s all I can say. You can’t go wrong with these hard working ladies. We have a house of our dreams because of Tamara. – Aimee L.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Paula and Tamara were excellent to work with. We were first time sellers and they made this experience a breeze and sold our house very quickly. They both are very hard working women and compliment each other and are very professional. They have great communication between the two of them and their clients. I very much enjoy the experience working with the both of them.  I would highly recommend Fiteni/Baltic real estate group.  Almost wish I had another house to sell. – T & D

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Paula and Tamara are fantastic, they do everything they can to get your place sold and it’ll sell and they will sell it fast!! Thank you so much for everything guys! – Marissa P.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – All the ladies are fantastic to deal with! Paula sold our place quicker and for more then we thought possible. Ashley was so helpful and accommodating in helping us find the right place! We couldn’t have asked for a smoother transaction from beginning to end! Thanks again for the great service!  – Laurelyn A.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – I can’t wait for the day I buy again, I’ll be using these ladies for sure! They are leaders in this industry, and I want them in my corner! – Jamie G.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Tamara and Paula both worked hard throughout the entire process to help us get our dream home at a great price! The transaction was smooth and they walked us through the buying process with ease. Communicating with them was extremely simple whether it was a call, text, email, or Facebook messenger, they were both very fast to respond to any questions or concerns we had around the clock! We felt very confident making an informed decision with the help of both Tamara and Paula and we highly recommend them to anyone with Real Estate needs!  Kristoffer & Beverly O.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Great job Paula! Very professional and knowledgable. She sold our place for much more than we thought and didn’t try to go for the quick sale. Very impressed with these ladies and makes the last realtor we used look bad! – Tammy W.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Tamara & Paula made the entire process of selling our home & purchasing our dream home so easy and stress free. Paula helped us negotiate the best deal on our new home & wasted no time getting our old home listed and sold within days for top dollar. If you want a team that is professional, hardworking & caring, we highly recommend Fiteni Baltic Real Estate Group. – Clayton, Jacquelyn & Noah W.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Simply the best customer service anywhere! If you are looking for class and determination look no further. – Sue B.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Paula and Tamara are an amazing team, holding our hands or giving us a gentle nudge when we needed it, calming our fears/anxieties all while being open and honest about the whole process. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you! – Nicole H.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Thank you Tamara for all your hard work and going above and beyond for us. We strongly believe your professionalism and creativity in marketing helped us sell our home quickly and at top dollar. We’d be happy to refer you to our friends and family. – Pam M.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – “Success through Caring” is the best phrase for this dynamic duo! Yes selling and buying is stressful but knowing they are on your side makes it easier. We had some good laughs during the process and their dedication is so appreciated! – Marleen A.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Thank you Paula so much for everything you did for us! You were so helpful and made purchasing our new home stress free. You went above and beyond for us and our family. Thank you so much!– Lauren Z.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Thanks so much Paula for helping us purchase our new home. We couldn’t be happier. You went above and beyond what was excepted! – Kent Z.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Tamara is great, because she is prompt, and follows through with any questions or concerns, and requests..Thanks Tamara!– Darren M.

*Rated 5/5 Stars – Tamara is very reliable and professional. She is the realtor we can trust! Highly recommend!! – Guannan S.